My Killer Romance: Raphael Walkthrough

As I promised the anon, here’s Raphael’s walkthrough! Enjoy~

When is Kieran’s route coming out? *sobs* Anyway, here’s Raphael! A former Agent turned Collector, for reasons I won’t spoil. At first, he’s very cold to the MC, but warmed up rather quickly. I couldn’t help but think that was his poor attempt at distancing himself from her because he’s actually one of the nice collectors. If you ever had fantasies of dating your hot teacher, give this guy’s route a try (lol). Just kidding, despite being a professor there isn’t much about schooling in Raphael’s route nor does he elaborate on his work as a professor.

Remember, you don’t have to choose everything that I do. There are various ways to get a happy ending, but some choices make more of a difference than others.

Episode One

Peacefully in my sleep.

Follow Raphael.

Episode Two

Make up an excuse.

Throw the stick a few times.

Episode Three

Deny what he’s talking about.

"Is he trying to mug me?"

Episode Four

Hint about your feelings.

Brush the hair away from his face.

Episode Five

Ask politely what was going on.

Wait and give him a chance to talk.

Episode Six

Reach out to take Raphael’s hand.

Don’t move.

Episode Seven

A cat.

"I try not to regret anything."

Episode Eight

Feign ignorance.

"I ignore what others say."

Episode Nine

Tell Kieran the problem.

Don’t say anything.

Episode Ten

Stay where you are.

"No, I’m pretty content."

Episode Eleven

"Let’s get something to eat."

"Let’s walk."

Episode Twelve

Put yourself between the two.

"Just make sure he’s okay."

Episode Thirteen

Say goodbye and leave the car.

"Live your life to the fullest."

Episode Fourteen

Head to the park.

Ask what’s going to happen.

Episode Fifteen

Ask him to play the piano.

"I love you!"

Episode Sixteen

Trust him.

Run over to him.

Happily Ever After ♥